Affordable Buyer/Tenant Selection Services

SEB has also been involved in marketing more affordable units than any other lottery agent in the state. SEB’s experience and expertise are well recognized by municipal, state and monitoring agencies and SEB’s participation ensures that affordable units are offered to qualified tenants and buyers through a fair and impartial selection process so that developers and management companies avoid many of the perils and challenges associated with the affordable unit lease-up and/or sell-out that is part of the final phase of the development process.

Because the demand for affordable housing exceeds the supply of available units, developers of affordable units are typically required to conduct lotteries to select buyers and tenants of affordable housing units.

As a part of this process, SEB coordinates with development teams, monitoring agents, and Program Administrators to create a marketing and lottery program that complies with applicable state, federal and local regulations, permits and conditions.

Throughout the buyer and tenant selection process, SEB also works closely with prospective homebuyers and tenants to answer questions and manage the application intake and review process, including working with the lenders, any monitoring agent and applicants to ensure that affordable housing units are rented or purchased by program eligible applicants.

SEB also can be retained to make sure that properties are annually maximizing their affordable rents as median incomes, interest rates, tax rates and/or utility allowance schedules frequently change which impact affordable sales prices and/or rents. Retaining SEB also helps developers and management teams ensure that they stay compliant with constantly changing affordable housing program and requirements.

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