Who We Are

SEB is a continuation of a consulting practice which began as Justin Gray Associates in 1970 in Cambridge, MA. In 1979, two principles of JGA, Bob Engler and Jim Stockard created Stockard & Engler Inc. which became Stockard & Engler & Brigham when former partner Gordon Brigham, rejoined in the firm in the 1980’s.

In the decade of the 2000’s, Jim left the firm to become Curator of the Loeb Fellowship Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Gordon retired, so the firm became SEB, LLC in 2009. Bob Engler is in his 43rd year in practice, has since been joined by his sons, Brian and Geoff. Brian joined SEB is 2004 and is responsible for all of SEB’s lottery-related developments and also contributes to SEB’s own developments. Geoff joined the firm in 2005 and is responsible for many of SEB’s permitting related jobs, as well as serving as the project manager on all of its development deals. Jonathan Papas joined SEB in 2008 and supports all of the affordable housing lotteries we conduct including reviewing applications and facilitating communication with interested applicants, leasing/sales offices and management companies.

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Since its formation, SEB has been working to maintain the integrity of neighborhoods in Massachusetts, while taking several approaches to increasing the affordable housing stock in Massachusetts.